Q: I submitted a video to Mixed Messages, and it is not posted yet. What happened?
A: You will be notified as soon as your video is reviewed. Due to the number of submissions we receive, this process can take some time. Please be patient.
Q: I submitted a video to Mixed Messages, and it was rejected: why?
A: Many reasons could cause a video to be rejected. We will not post videos that feature nudity, advertisements, or content unrelated to the cause. In addition, not every video contains footage high quality enough to be useful to the site.
Q: I am in a video on your website, and I don’t want to appear in this video. What should I do?
A: Simply send us an email including the URL and what time you appear in the video and we will blur your likeness or remove the video altogether. If you wish to be more exact, please include a picture of yourself so that we may verify your appearance in the video.
Q: Isn’t Mixed Messages just adding to the danger on the road? If you are driving and filming these other drivers, isn’t that just as bad as using a phone yourself?
A: Mixed Messages staff never films while driving. We also encourage others never to film while driving.
Q: I saw a video where you are driving and manipulating a phone. Doesn’t that make you hypocrites?
A: Control of the filming and editing process is a powerful thing. If you believe you saw us driving distracted in one of our videos, you can be sure it is camera magic.