Get involved!

“Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand. You are always fussing and fighting with your other weapons. Do you ever use that one? No; you leave it lying and rusting. As a race, do you ever use it at all? No; you lack the sense and the courage.”
- Mark Twain

     Here’s your chance to do something good without having to do anything great! If you are tired of seeing smart phone zombies half-heartedly manipulating the controls of their rolling death carriages, this is your chance to fight back. The threat of death and damage may not convince people to wait until later to play on their phones, but we have noticed that catching them on camera does.

     Helping is simple. Drive wherever you normally would drive, and don’t change your routine. Just make a conscious effort to keep an eye on the drivers around you in traffic. If you notice someone endangering others because they are not paying attention to the road, try to catch them on camera.