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Thumb nashville texter

Traffic texting

Heavy traffic is no concern ... apparently
6 months

Thumb interstate ignorance

Interstate ignorance

Only filmed this guy the third time we saw him on his phone ...
6 months

Thumb 20170530 180052

Dangerous and dumb

Here's a guy who isn't concerned about weather conditions, driving, or the fact that the vehicle ...
7 months

Thumb 20170530 175013

Good reading

7 months

Thumb trim.e3b051bd 0275 4e3c a7b0 ccb3b4d77b69

Texting in China

"Look Mom! I can drive with no hands, and text and surf WeChat, during rush hour, all while weari...
8 months

Thumb trim.f7db4b6a 1199 4c27 ae27 54465f1d997e

Texting and smoking

Not only is she playing with her phone, but smoking too!
8 months

Thumb truck texter

Texting trucker

Driver never sees us until well after he is busted.
9 months

Thumb 20170421 095410

Smokin' and typin'

She had to brace the phone on the steering wheel to get "fully engaged" with her social life. Muc...
9 months

Thumb vids

Wandering Driver

This crazy comuter was traveling I24 west around the exit 80 area. It was obvious there was somet...
10 months